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Laser welding solder paste
Speakers for lead-free and halogen-free high temperature solder paste

HX - WL680 (horn) alloy products are Sn99Ag0. 3 cu0. 7, Sn96.5 Ag3Cu0. 5

HX - WL680 (horn) is produced by our company a lead-free no clean solder paste, tin use silver copper (Sn99Ag0. 3 cu0. 7) lead-free alloy solder powder and special solvents, suitable for the required high temperature and good wettability of the welding process. This product dispensing uniform and smooth the glue, suitable for the current production with high speed and high precision dispensing production line use, such as microphone, connectors, speaker, camera device and circuit board welding. This kind of metal in lead-free solder paste on the surface of the wet sex is extremely good, high reliability.

Optimal point

A. the use of lead-free Sn99SnAg. 3 cu0. 7 low silver content of tin powder, reduce the welding assembly cost, at the same time with high silver alloy with high wettability.

B. on the various types of components has good weldability, excellent wettability.

C. good thermal collapse, wuxi beads, tin welding defects, few residues and is transparent, no clean.

D. dispensing uniform and smooth the glue, moisturizing performance is good.

E. oxidation resistance is strong, residues after welding is few, and do not contain halogen, corrosive tiny.

F. when precision PCB assembly, 4 to 6 # powder (5-38 mm) can satisfy the requirement of the 0.3 mm spacing between the following printing and welding.


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