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Laser welding solder paste
Laser welding of low temperature solder paste

HX - WL670 laser welding at low temperature solder paste is designed for today's SMT production process of a kind of no clean type of solder paste, tin bismuth series lead-free alloy solder powder of low melting point and low temperature helps the mixture of solder paste, suitable for the requirement of low temperature welding process or secondary reflow process, can effectively protect the can't bear high temperature of the PCB and electronic components, especially the heat sink, high frequency welding of top surface of nickel or nickel plating device.

Optimal point

1. This product is a halogen free solder paste, environmental protection, few residues, without cleaning after welding.

2. Low temperature alloy, can effectively protect the PCB and electronic components, highly active, suitable for welding on the surface of the nickel (Ni).

3. Good printing roll and fall tin, to as low as 0.3 mm spacing between the solder can also complete the fine print;

4. Continuous printing, its viscosity changes little, steel can be online operation life is long, more than 8 hours still not dry, still keep good printing effect;

5. After only a few hours printing still keep its original shape, basic no cave, SMT components won't produce deviation;

6. With excellent welding performance, can be in a different part of the show proper wettability;

7. Can adapt to the requirement of different class welding equipment, do not need to complete welding in nitrogen filled environment, in a wide range of reflow furnace temperature still can show the good welding performance.


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