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Solder paste
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LED flip chip solder solid crystal

Product features

1. The high thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, SAC305X and SAC305 alloy thermal conductivity is about 54 w/m. K.

2. The bond strength is greater than the silver glue, long working hours.

3. Good thixotropy, has a solid crystal and dispensing needs suitable viscosity, good dispersion.

4. The residue is few, the solid crystal after LED base at 40 ℃ constant temperature box after 240 hours, residues and the base metal, and does not affect the LED luminous effect.

5. Solder paste using superfine powder diameter, can effectively meet the 25-75 mil power chip welding, the larger the size of the chip solid crystal operation more easy to implement.

6. Return of eutectic solidification or box type constant temperature curing, reflow soldering curve, in favor of the smoothness of the chip welding.

7. The solid crystal silver solder paste is far lower than the cost of glue and Au80Sn20 alloy, and solid crystal process saving energy consumption.

8. Powder particle size have a powder (5, 15 to 25 um, no. 6 powder 10-20 um, no. 7, 8 and 12 um)

Product material and performance

Not when curing performance

Main ingredients: superfine tin powder, flux

Viscosity (25 ℃) : 10000 CPS, 18 to 50 pa. S

Weight: 4

Thixotropic index: 4.0

Shelf life: 3 months

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