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Solder paste
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High temperature solid crystal solder paste dispensing

A, alloy products

HX - 1100 series crystal solid solder paste adopts SnSb10Ni0. 5 alloy, can effectively improve the cavity and the intensity of the intermetallic compound and conductivity.

Second, the product features and advantages

1. The high thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, SnSb10Ni0. 5 alloy thermal conductivity is about 45 w/M K.

2. The bond strength is greater than the silver glue, long working hours.

3. Apply to solid crystal machine or dispensing machine solid crystal craft, good thixotropy, has a solid crystal and dispensing need appropriate viscosity, good dispersibility, add thinner, reusable.

4. Few residues, and the residual resin system, high reliability, the lights can not influence the long-term luminous efficacy.

5. Solder paste using superfine powder diameter, suitable for more than 10 mil LED suits chip and length is more than 20 mil and electrode gap is larger than 150 um LED flip chip welding.

6. Use reflow furnace welding or constant temperature welding machine welding, recommended reflow furnace welding, in favor of the control of the welding conditions consistent with mass action.

7. Solid crystal solder paste is far lower than the cost of silver sol, solid crystal and high efficiency, energy saving.

Three, product and application

HX - 1100 applies to all with high power LED lamp bead coating of metal chips encapsulation, the HX - 1100 solid crystal solder paste encapsulation of LED lamp bead, can satisfy the reliability of the peak temperature of 265 ℃ when the secondary circumfluence, suitable for ceramic substrate support, can withstand the high temperature of high power LED packaging.

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