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Solder paste
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Micro LED

Description of high power LED solid crystal solder paste

Solid crystal printing solder paste

Micro LED and mini-led adopt LED chip size of micron, Micro LED and Mini-LED process is mainly based on printing process. Micro LED requires high precision printing of mini-led, steel mesh and solder paste, and the thickness of steel mesh is around 0.04mm. Micro LED and mini-led have high requirements on solder paste, the viscosity is about 50, the printing molding is good, after printing a single tin point to maintain 6-10 hours not dry and not collapse, to prevent the solder paste without adhesive flying chip, Micro printing steel mesh is larger than Mini thickness should be appropriate to reduce the viscosity, convenient glue, Micro LED steel mesh is recommended to be 0.3um thick.

I. product alloy

Hx-1000k-6-7 printing solid crystal solder paste series (SAC305)

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