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Laser welding solder paste Features:

 Laser welding solder paste is suitable for the laser and the iron fast welding, welding time shortest can reach 300 milliseconds, fast welding process without solvent volatilization, tin beads no residual after welding, can completely eliminate removal process of solder ball. In this article is divided into three temperature, melting point 178 ℃, 217 ℃ and 138 ℃ respectively. Particles are 25-45 um, 20 and 38 um, 15 to 25 um, 10-20 um. Alloy: Sn64Bi35Ag1, Sn96.5 Ag3Cu0. 5, Sn99Ag0. 3 cu0. 7, Sn42Bi58, alloy melting point is 210 ~ 220 degrees Celsius, the washing water can clean away flux, can use the needle diameter of about 0.25 ~ 0.15 point solder paste is not stuck the needle, using 22 to 28 degrees Celsius temperature, deliver 100 ~ 200 g, use the needle to humidity 40 ~ 60% RH. Scope of application: camera module, VCM voice coil motor, CCM soldering iron, antenna, hard drive heads, speakers, speakers, optical communication components, temperature sensor, light sensor and other traditional way of welding products. The product formula, zero halogen, few organic residue, and are transparent, surface impedance is high, high reliability. Application process is a little glue, printing and a variety of ways such as needle transfer. 

Laser welding solder paste
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